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About us

Welcome to Bandeja Padel Spijkers! My name is Damian Spijkers, 24 years old, and I am the proud founder of this company. I was born in Dordrecht and currently reside in the beautiful city of Rotterdam. I started playing tennis at the age of 7 and continued until I was 17, playing quite intensively during that time. However, my interests shifted, and I pursued a degree in Public Administration and Organizational Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During my 1.5 years in Amsterdam, I resumed playing tennis and was a member of a tennis club with two padel courts. This was my first encounter with the sport of padel.

After playing padel a few times, I found it more enjoyable than tennis and made a full transition to padel. I then moved to Rotterdam to play as much as possible, and after 4 months, I moved to Barcelona to start giving padel lessons. While in Barcelona, I played matches almost every day, which significantly accelerated my skill development.

Driven by my passion for the sport and my teaching experience, I decided to continue this journey in the Netherlands. The adventure in Barcelona inspired me to establish Bandeja Padel Spijkers, with the goal of offering high-quality padel tournaments, lessons, and trips to enthusiastic players of all levels.

As an independent entrepreneur, I am responsible for organizing our padel tournaments and providing fun lessons and clinics for both individuals and businesses. Recently, I have also hired freelancers to support with tournaments and clinics for large groups.

At Bandeja Padel, we aim to create a vibrant community of padel players where fun, competition, and personal growth go hand in hand. Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out with padel, we warmly welcome you to all the services we offer!

What do we offer?

Tournaments where you play at your own level and meet new people.

Lessons and Clinics where personal attention and fun are central.

Core Values


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